Judging Process


The panel will be asked to judge the three entries as a “body of work.” The judges will be asked to vote as though they were judges at an Olympic event, awarding points for best overall performance. They will score each agency’s performance on a scale of 0 to 10.

The judges will be asked to base their evaluations on creativity, strategy and targeting, as well as integration with the overall campaign and results that are attributable to the digital efforts – is the digital component the campaign’s driving force?

They will be looking for both versatility and consistency, and will be asked to assess the overall impact of the digital efforts across all platforms. They will also evaluate the digital executions based on how visually compelling and user friendly they are, and whether they’re unique enough to stand out. You should keep this in mind when preparing your submission.

The panel will consist of professionals from the client community, as well as digital agency professionals.

The judging panel will not meet as a group. The submissions will be delivered to them individually and they will review the work on their own.

The judges will fill out an online score sheet supplied by strategy. Their responses will be confidential. 

The winner will be selected on the basis of a straight numerical tally. Each agency will be given two aggregate scores – strategic and creative. The Digital Agency of the Year will be the agency that achieves the highest average score.